My name is Chris Moody. I live in Wilson, WY. Among other things, I like to backcountry ski, fly paragliders, mountain bike, and travel via motorcycle. This site originally started as a way to keep track of all the different runs I skied one winter. At that time the site was kept private and served as a journal of sorts. I tried hard to keep posts brief, with maybe a picture or two.

I still use this site as a way to remember the details of the things I’ve done, but sometimes I write a bit more and include a few more photos. Sometimes it’s a good way to share photos and videos with friends that were either there for the adventure, or those who I know would be interested. Sometimes I just write or share with no intended benefit for others. It’s an easy way to summarize projects. I imagine someday all of this content will be fun look back on and put a smile on my face. I hope I can laugh at the good times shared, the mistakes made, my naivety, successes, the shots in the dark, the foolishness, the serendipity, and the moments where all the stars aligned for those rockstar moments.

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