After getting back from Alaska late Sunday night, I spent the next two days furiously preparing for two weeks on the road. The first order of business was getting the CRF ready for the desert. The guy I bought it from had fucked up the entire cockpit, as well as leaving it with shit tires and and a few other things that needed to be taken care of. On top of the Moto, I had to be prepared for skiing and living out of my truck. I built a bed for the truck bed with storage underneath, which turned out pretty good.

I picked up Jim Wednesday morning and and we made it down to Moab by evening. We had a great campsite and everything was looking good for a killer time in the desert.

The first day I went to ride the moto because of how excited I was, even though everyone else went for a mountain bike. I went of Kane Cr. and had a tough time re-aquatinting myself with the art of riding a dirt bike. It had been almost two years since I had last ridden, and never on such a tall, powerful, and stiff bike. My riding was crap, but it was still fun. Unfortunately I had over-filled my coolant tank, and it starting overflowing and overheating on some 1st gear climbs. In addition, I realized the carb was gummed up and was feeding gas even when I wasn’t on the throttle, which made for a scary ride.


The next day I did Mag-7 on the mountain bike for the first time. I was with Calvin White and Sam Wasserman, both mi bruddahs from Colby. It was a really good crew, all being fun, dialed, and relaxed guys. It was super easy fun to be on a mission with them and I hope to share a good ride with them again soon.

The first part was super fun, before a bit of climbing on a 4×4 track to reach Gold Bar Rim, which was technical and challenging, but really enjoyable with great views. We were also tired at this point, being near the end of our ride, and it almost didn’t seem worth attempting some of the tougher moves that could have left us injured. Even still, I paid my dues in blood and bruises.

Wasserman crushed Portal while Calvin and I walked down most of it. I was pretty crushed, it being my first ride of the year.


We then went back to the campsite where Jim and some of the other boys made chilli for the entire crew, which numbered 24 people. Hopkins arrived that night and convinced me to go for a moto ride with him. We blasted down the road a bit and then did some free riding on a some big rock features, going where we liked and getting a feel for the bikes. We also blasted on some jeep tracks.We came back as the sun was setting on a full-value day.

The next day we did the Whole Enchilada with the entire crew. It was slow going, the silver lining being we had a lot of energy for the last part, which was some of the best riding I’ve ever done. Calvin, Kris, Gordon, Waddle, Jenny, Ashley, and I all rode the last bit together and had a blast.


The final day Kris and I went for an epic Moto ride. Nothing bad happened, which was great. We hit Metal Masher, to Gemini Bridges, to Gold Bar Rim, to Golden Spike, back to Gemini Bridges. The best part was the tech climb on Gold bar and the Blast back on Gemini.




That afternoon I went into town with some folks for a swim and ice cream.


The next day I packed up and drove west on 70 to 50, which was an awesome drive. I spent the night at Spencer Hot Springs, which were awesome. I got there at sundown and soaked by myself with the sun setting over the mountains. Then bats came out and were getting too close for comfort, so I bounced.


The next morning I drove to Tahoe and skied for a couple hours, starting in the park and ending with some Siberia and Headwall laps. Tanner Hall and a bunch of other cats were absolutely destroying the park and it was fun to watch. Tahoe is the best place in the world simply because it has a bunch of sick jumps and a high speed 6 person lift that laps them.

I was a lot lizard for a couple hours after, enjoying the sun and a couple twisted teas. I wrote a couple post cards and enjoyed the phish from some bro’s speaker a little ways away.


The next day I met up with Winger and we sessioned the park until it seemed like we had gotten everything we were going to get out of it. We kicked it in the lot for a while enjoying the sunshine before driving to South Lake for a shower and then on to Birdgport and the Buckeye Hot Springs. He had a great soak in another one of the best hot springs out there before calling it a night. The next day we skied Mammoth, which was a great time. We took a couple park laps and enjoyed the spring conditions off the upper mountain. It was great getting to ski with one of my best homies who I used to have the best time skiing with back at sugarloaf. It was well worth the effort to get out to Cali just for those couple days on skis.





All in all a great trip.


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