After driving two of the most famous roads in Europe–The Transfageran highway and the Transalpina–I met a British dude in Cluj-Napoca on a KTM 1090 adventure who wanted to get rip some enduro. He had done his research, bought a book with tons of routes, and just needed a partner to go with. Despite knowing my bike most definitely wanted nothing to do with anything enduro, and that I should have tried to rest after coming down with a cold, how could I say no?

The day was nothing short of epic. We road 80 km through the most virgin forests and beautiful alpine meadows full of flowers and ethereal views. Despite my bike weighing in at over 400 ibs and a constant cacophony of strange sounds from all over the bike, she did admirably. I got stuck once in a deep rut, but never went down. My companion fell twice, but no harm was done.
One of the best days of the trip.

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