Landed in Sete after a 2 day ferry from Tangier. From Sete I drove to Marseille with a German hippy, then bounced up into the alps for a few days before jumping back down to Monoco. I met an interesting lady there who is trying to climb the tallest summit in each of the seven continents, and go to each pole. She’s driving to each and making a tv show or something out of it. We went to the Monaco Grand Prix for electric cars together. I then drove to Genoa and chilled for two days and received a package from Ben with some important stuff. 

From Genoa I drove north, around Milan and then around Lake Como. I camped close to Bormio and went for a nice hike. The next day I drove east and ended up camping near passo rollo. That days riding was epic, taking me through Switzerland and then up to Passo Rollo to one of the best views in the Alps, if not the world, from the dirt roads of an old ski resort. I camped with a crazy Austrian on a bicycle who claimed to have been of the guys who invented Paragliding. The next day I drove some really sweet passes around Val Gardena and then to Cortana. I had a beer and Cortina and kept driving. I stopped for one final Italian Pizza and then jumped into Slovenia, the Bovec valley, which is heaven on earth. 


I stayed in Bovec for two full days. I went for a big hike along the soca river and up a random valley all the way to an alpine lake one day, and then did a day trip on the moto to a really beautiful alpine vista. I watched moto gp with a Slovenian who also owned a restaraunt and gave an incredible meal. 

I then drove through Krajnska Gora to Bled, where I went for a hike and swam to an island with a cool castle accompanied by a girl from Alabama. The next day I visited Lake Bojin, one of the most beautiful and unspoiled places I’ve ever seen. I want for a great hike and then ate ice cream and drank beers by the lake. 

The next day I drove to the captital, Ljubljana. I watched Manchester United beat Ajax for the European cup and had a real nice time walking around. I ate dank Turkish food and met some nice people. 

I then spent a couple days at a music festival on the Croatian coast in the town of Umag. I chilled with a group of Croatians and Bosnians all living in Austria. We went to cool beaches and explored beautiful seaside villages during th day and hit the festival at night.

I left on Sunday and drove down the coast. I spent the first night on the Island of Pag, which was super nice. I was about 10 feet from the  crystal clear and blue waters of the Adriatic. I went for a swim before bed and upon waking up. It was pretty magical. The next day I road the island Pag and then along the coast, to a great little town called Primošten. It on a little peninsula and is surrounded by the most beautiful water in the world. That night I also hadthe ocean  about 10 feet away and went for swims in both the evening and morning. That days drive was stunning and I got really good fruit in Zadar. 

I then drove to Split for two days. Split is an old Venetian town and is really beautiful. The palace there is pretty remarkable, especially at night.

After that I drove all the way to the Tara river in Bosnia, near Foča, where my friend Adele is working as a photographer, along with her boyfriend Coto and their friend Christian, all of whom I visited in Chile. I spent 4 awesome days there. That is a little slice of heaven as well. They work at a rafting center, and everyone who works there is one big family. People come for a few days from the cities and hang out in the lodge all night after rafting all day. The lodge is basically o big bar and usually has live music. When there isn’t live music they play really good rock and blues. The locals love to drink, maybe more than anyone in the world, so you could count on things getting pretty loose and fun. I didn’t want to leave but I had already spent a good amount of time there not doing much other than chilling and reading. 

I drove the Piva River canyon in Montenegro and then through Durmitor national park along the border with Serbia, driving through some really cool places. I spent the night in the Biogradska Gora national park, right on a lake. I ran around the lake and then up to a little restauraunt/guesthouse in the mountains around the lake about 7km away. The views were breathtaking. The guesthouse was cool, being nothing more than a shack with a couple little stand-alone doghouse looking things with mattreses for people. 

The next day I got a relatively early start and drove all the way through Serbia to Sofia, Bulgaria. Upon reaching the city biblical rains began. I found a nice hostel with safe parking and went for a walk. It was my first taste of a true eastern block city, with massive avenues, huge formal buildings, and big onion shaped cupolas on their orthodox churches. 

I then spent the weekend in the mountains on the border with Greece at a music festival. It was super awesome, with great music and really cool people from all over Europe. It was mostly house music with a lot of other stuff also. Most people partied for 4 days straight, although I took it easier than that. Although with it being super hot during the  day and loud all night, you often didn’t have a choice. I stayed up one night to catch the sun rise and rage with everyone else, and it was pretty cool. The djs were pretty incredible, with a lot of funk and soul played as well.

Last night I slept for 14 hours. I’m in northern Bulgaria now, and after the festival and a five hour drive, I was fully cooked, more so than I have ever been. I am staying at place called motocamp that is a guesthouse specifically for bikers. They have a really nice property in a small village and have tons of good resources like maps and books, plus good riding right out their backdoor.  They were able to buy me a back tire, and have arranged for me to take a bus to Istanbul for a couple days. 

4 thoughts on “FRANCE TO BULGARIA

      1. Dude I great to hear from you! You gotta give me a shout if you ever make the road trip in the US happen. Got a spot for you in the most beautiful part.

        I’m missing the Mountain festival, but the good vibes haven’t left me, nor do I think they will anytime soon. Keep it real brotha!


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