The trip continud on to its 4th continent recently. I’ve been in Morocco two weeks. It’s a very interesting place. Hot as hell, daily calls to prayer drifting through the air, women in full head scarves, donkeys plowing fields, bad drivers, people who want to sell you hash and opium, snake charmers, oasis and some pretty badass mountains. I road with a Dutch guy for a couple days, but other than that it’s been me and th arabs. I did a big clockwise loop of the country, starting in the blue city of Cheftchaouen, then Fez, across the Atlas Mountains to the Draa valley in the Sahara, up and over Tizi n Test pass to Marakech, and back along the coast through Casablanca and Rabat to Tangier. Pretty crazy seeing camels off on the dunes, and super lush oasis of palm trees in otherwise bone-dry conditions. The roads were okay, but you are liable to come across construction out of nowhere, which you need to be careful of. The pictures tell the true story.

It’s poor here. Lots of men sitting around doing nothing. Everything is super cheap. You can definitely live like a king, although I’ve camped every night I’ve been here. Lots of begging, which is sad. 

Leaving the good word to these people. 

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