I got my bike the Friday before Easter weekend. I had been in Barcelona for a few days and I was tired of being a tourist without wheels. Also, everything was booked for the holiday, so I decided to get out. Barcelona is in a great location, on the coast and close to the mountains. I did a quick google search of nice roads and places within striking distance and made a couple of mental notes. With that information, I put together a really nice 4 day ride. The first day brought me 70-80 km north of the city on the coast via really nice roads, similar to Big Sur and the Highway 1 in Cali, except in Cataluyna. The cliffs were stunning and the water clear and blue. I found a spot to camp with 270 degree views. It took a little bit of off-roading, but it was just me and the Mediterranean for the night. 

The next day I drove to the town of Sort. Really nice drive over some passes and past some ski resorts. I waited out a storm with some beers and the Real Madrid game, and then found myself in a nice town famous for rafting. I ate a bunch of free cheese at a little market and ate dinner with some folks on holiday. 

The next day I drove into France to the Col de Tourmalet, a mountain pass used in the Tour de France and a nice looking ski area. I was on many roads used by the tour, and the scenery was stunning, in addition to all the villages. I ate baguettes and cheese and suasage all day and watched many paragliders up over the valleys. 

The next day I drove back into Spain to the foothills in Aragon. I again had a nice camp spot and drove some nice roads. I returned to Barcelona to get my insurance that was sent to me from Bulgaria on Wednesday and then drove south to meet a buddy and explore morocco.

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