2 thoughts on “CARRETERA AUSTRAL

  1. Chirs!!!! This is Maria and David from Barcelona…! we don’t know if you remember us but we do! We are the partner that we were traveling by bike doing the “Carretera Austral”. Actually, the two from the first picture! hahah How are you? Where are you? Still traveling?
    We arrived till the end of the route and in Villa O’higgins we could sell the bikes.. then we left to Bolivia and it was awesome!

    We would love to know about you!!!!!

    All the best from Barcelona!!!!!

    Maria y David 😉


    1. Hey guys!

      I’m so happy to hear from you. The saddest part of traveling is meeting great people and never hearing from them again. It’s so nice to be reminded of the carretera austral and our ferry/afternoon of chilling.im really happy you wrote.

      I am still traveling! So after Chile chico I drove into Argentina and visited Fitz roy and Torres Del Paine before reaching Ushuaia. It was cold, rainy, and miserable for a lot of it, but I made it! I ran out of gas twice and also cracked my frame on the way back up, but that sort of stuff happens.

      In BA I chilled for almost a month and then made the spontAneous decision to continue my trip in Europe! I actually flew to Barcelona and began there. I road around the Pyranees over easter weekend and then went to Morocco for two weeks, visiting Andalusia on the way.

      Then I took a boat to the south of France and drove east from there. I visited the alps in France, Italy, and Slovenia and then drove through the balkins all the way to Istanbul.

      Recently I’ve been driving north and I am now in Tallin, Estonia. On Sunday I will take the ferry to Helsinki and then try to reach Nordkap, as far north as you can go in Europe. Then I will take my time riding south through Norway and eventually reach Germany.

      I loved Barcelona. What a cool place. I saw all the boats and thought of you guys. It was a good introduction to Europe. I wish you had been there!

      So glad to hear the you enjoyed the rest of your trip and also reached villa Ohiggens. What an incredible place! And also Bolivia, Totally crazy, but also super, super cool.

      I hope you are enjoying being back home. All the best!

      Chris 😜


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