Vilcabamba to the border was 5 hours of beautiful dirt roads through the amazon. There were a couple challenging river crossing and steep sections, but mostly roads that dreams are made of. The border was the easiest yet. Muy tranquilo as the locals say.

We spent hr nit in San Ignacio, and celebrated the third night of Christmas. The next day we went to Chachapoya, a real nice drive through valleys and canyons.

The next day we had a marathon to Cajamarca on the most exposed and otherworldly road imaginable. Only as wide as a generous sidewalk, and clinging to the walls of 10,000 ft canyons, the whole thing was surreal. Rain and fog plagued us at times, making for lots of anxiety. Very beautiful and cool none the less.

The next day we drove to Trujillo, a waistland on the northern Peruvian coast. Trujillo could quite possibly be the worst place I’ve ever been. Trash everywhere, blowing sand, zero redeeming qualities. But the drive there was nice, with lots of mango trees on the side of the road.

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