Cartagena is gorgeous. At high tide the water floods all the streets, making for interesting riding around town.

I was stopped by the cops twice for riding my bike where I wasn’t suppose to. The second time I got a police escort through the old town.

I met a guy on the boat who let me stay in his luxiorious Airbnb on the water. One night we road our bikes on the beach as the sun was setting. We stayed up late each night exchanging stories. My friend mostly held court with hilarious stories of his profesional footballing days in Australia and all the crazy stuff from back home. Apparently Australian sit on the toilet backwards just for laughs. 

Sent it to Minca the next day. Cool town in the mountains. Ran into a legendary homie from Colby that I hadn’t seen in years! I love chance encounters like that. It was so good to see my friend who always had a righteous way of going about things. I also met my German friend Franz there and had a nice day exploring the jungle. Franz ran over a dog while we were there. A couple locals saw the whole thing and gave Franz a round of applause afterword.

From Minca I made the spontaneous decision to go to Mompos, since Tyrona National Park was unbearably touristy. They wanted me to watch a video before I could go in, so I bounced. 

The drive to Mompos required about 100k of dirt roads. It states to pour rain as I first got into the dirt, turning the entire thing into a giant mud bath. I was sliding all over the road, rooster-tailing my way along. On top of the rain and mud, cattle charged me and donkeys kicked at me. The parts that were dry were divine. Some of the best scenery of the trip. At the end of the road I hit a big river, and no sign on a bridge. One guy pointed up river, so I followed the directions and eventually found a couple crude ferries bringing cars and motos across. In Colombia, motos are always free, whether it be ferries or tolls. I was across the river in 5 minutes. 

Mompos was nice. A lot of kids were jumping out of trees along the river bank, reminding me of my own childhood. Met one French chick in the hostile who could have been the gal from Die Antwoord. Very freaky. 

I dipped early and had be most stunning day of the trip so far. I first got the bike about halfway submerged along a flooded road. Then I started taking names on a beautiful dirt road through an enormous inland lagoon. I then hit the main road to Bucaramanga, which was a beautiful, windy stretch of pavement through an incredible jungle. As I skirted around Bucaramanaga, a beautiful city built into the mountain, I entered the second largest canyon in the world. Incredible views. 

I ended the day in Barachara, the most beautiful town I’ve ever seen. Words can not describe the tranquility and character of this place.

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