Oaxaca and Zypolite

One night spent in Oaxaca city. On the way down, one of the major roads was blocked by a group of protestors. Being on a motorcycle,  I was able to skirt around the rubble and branches the protestors had put in the road to disrupt traffic, but the trucks and cars were not so lucky.

Oaxaca was pretty, but full of gringos. Very tropical feeling. Great food market, 20th of November market. Good place for traditional dishes and chocolate. Had a good plate of mole. More protestors in the main plaza. Occupy Oaxaca. Also shoe shiners and balloons for sale, like the airport meets the carnival. Biker friendly hostel. I was craving a churro but the only people I could find selling food were selling elote, or Mexican corn. 

The next day I drove to Playa Zypolite. Got a great tomale and chocolate drink (atole) for just over $1! Lots of nude people on the beach. All gringos. Cool, layed back camp vibe. Frederico’s is the place. Pretty cool. Met another biker, a nice guy from Germany named Dirk who started in Vancouver in July. I look forward to seeing him later on in the trip.

More observations:

Speed bumps everywhere. Either pay for good toll roads, or be forced over a million speed bumps. Libre or cuarto.

Micheal Jordan still rules. Sports stores are simply called “Chicago Sports” and #23 jerseys are everywhere.

The World Series is important to people here.

VW bugs are everywhere

Hamburger stalls are nearly as numerous as taquerias.

Wrestling is popular.

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