Puebla is a big city. I wasn’t expecting that. A couple observations so far:

Mexicans love rotisserie chicken. Rotisserie chicken spots in the cities are what McDonald’s are in America. To be fair, the chicken does look good.
Mexicans are big on PDA. It seems like anywhere I go there is a couple locked in an embrace, lips locked, not really moving. The endurance and commitment is admirable. 

Drivers are good. Trucks will actually signal when it’s cool for you to pass them and move over. Speaking of the roads…

It seems like having 1 1/2 lanes is common. So when you go to pass, slower traffic is on the right, but you still sort of encroach into oncoming traffic. It’s fine if only one car is coming at you, but if there is a pass going on in the other direction, things could get a little spicy.

Lots of military. Zero dark thirty type shit. Trucks with massive turrets in the back, dudes dressed like they are going to take out Osama. Pretty good reminder or the danger.

Newspapers print grotesque and graphic photos on their covers. In Chiahuaha there were three separate pictures of dead bodies on the cover of one paper, all horrific. I left before taking a photo.

Oxxo general stores are everywhere. They are what 7-11 are in Thailand, but maybe even more numerous.

Food is cheap. Street tacos 2 for $.5. Good meal for $1-$2.

Mexico has hipsters and skaters and hippies and artsy-fartsy types as well. I was in a restaurant the other day and I could smell the patchouli oil on this one girl. She wore flowing garments and might have had a dreadlock or two. It was like being back in college, if everyone had a tan.

For some reason they cook meat and heat tortillas on a hot plate shaped like an upside down wok. So basically things are primed to fall off. Like the people in India who cook over open fires indoors with no chimney, this is one of those things I can’t really figure out.

Mexico has white people. Upon further research, I learned it is estimated that 9-20% of the population is of European descent.

People are really friendly.

Driving is expensive. Toll roads and gasoline are my two biggest expenses.

You would think people would be asking me about the election. In fact, I am mostly asked about the women in the United States. From the men, obviously.

Tecate light rules.

The cities are amazing.

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