Guanajuato to San Miguel De Allende

Guanajuato is one of a kind. All the driving streets are underground, and the city lies in a small valley. You gain access via tunnels, and all the streets are narrow for walkers only. Very cool design. Pretty buildings, grand with funky colors. Churches, theaters, museums, colleges, plazas.

There was a big festival going on celebrating the first battle in the war of independence. Lots of music and fun stuff going on. Big electronic music concert to cap the night off, which was funny to see. Just like your typical electronic show in the states, but with rocking native flute layered on top. A lotta hipster Mexicans.

Had the best coffee of my life at some hostel and then walked the city before leaving for San Miguelle.

San Miguel is also pretty, but smaller, and frankly I didn’t think it was that cool. Seems like a place for rich guerros from Mexico City to come and buy things. Saw some mtn bikers and the Honda xr150 reigns supreme, which is cool. Good tacos, great hostel, punto 79. Off to drive around Mexico City.

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