Chiahuahua City, Creel, Urique

First couple of days in Mexico. Crossing the border was a little strange. I stopped to get my temporary import permit for the bike and my temporary visa, yet when I got back on the bike to officially drive into Mexico, nobody stopped me. I was just waved through. I guess they will check it all when I go to leave. Being in Mexico was a strange feeling. I blasted south on a toll road straight to Chiahuahua City. Driving in Mexico can be expensive! Stayed at an AirBnB the first night. Some old women’s apartment. Kinda strange.

Creel the next night. Not that nice of a town, but I found a nice lake to camp at. Had lunch at some western hotel to bum wifi.

The drive to Urique was a blast. Good new road from Creel to San Rafeal, and most of the way to Bahuichivo. Then all dirt. The KLR and new Heidenau tires with psi dropped to around 20 did great. Urique was a ghost town, however. Very pretty though. Pink flowers everywhere and cool buildings. Nice river–Rio Urique–and suspension bridge over it. Cool stop halfway down into canyon for pictures and views. Largest canyon in North America.

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