Day Three: Avon to Santa Fe

I woke up to 5 fresh inches of snow outside. My first thought was that my intended route would take me up another 4-5 k ft. I saw, however, that the skies were fairly blue and the roads clear, so I said fuck it and packed up my things and prepared for a chilly ride.

img_3254I took it slow and found that the snowy conditions were no big deal. Corners were a little sketchy but my tires performed admirably. My first stop was Leadville. I had to go over Tennessee Pass, and about halfway up my worst fears became a reality when the road gradually became covered with snow and ice. The slowed down some more and made it through to Leadville. The temperature was about 25 degrees most of the way.

I stopped at the Golden Burro for hot coffee and a breakfast burrito. Pretty good. Then I made some calls before seeking out a famous colorado recreational marijuana retailer. I found Earl’s down the road. A gal with purple hair and glazed-over eyes checked my id before letting me into a back room with all the flower. I had to coax the lady in the back to tell me a little bit about my options. I didn’t want to travel with any actual bud, nor get anything that would get me too stoned, so I settled on a 100 mg vile of 50-50 thc-cbd concentrate in watermelon flavor.
It was a good experience. The only other people I saw in the shop were males with hats pulled low and mirrored shades. Strange. I thought it was interesting that these small towns without much going on might have up to three pot shops. I guess people are into it.


I filled up with gas and hit the road. I stopped an hour later to adjust some of my bags and thought “what the hell” and whipped out the vile. I had nothing but bucolic highway miles left and I was getting bored and sore. The gal at the shop told me 10mg was a good dose, but the first and only time I took a 10mg chocolate from a dispensary I was high for two days so I decided I would only do about 1/3-1/2 of what was recommended. I never got stoned, but could really feel the medicinal potential of the cbd’s. My shoulder girdle that had been killing me from steadying the bike in the wind felt all better and I started to really enjoy myself and the time on the bike. It also happened to be the first part of my trip that wasn’t snowy and freezing.

I stopped outside of Santa Fe to check my map and stretch out when a big fella with quite possibly the best handle bar mustache I’ve ever seen came bounding over to me. He saw my skis on the bike, thought I was a nutter, and wanted to talk. He was a Strurgis vet and a good ole boy. I told him what I was planning and he went straight in to telling me all about the whore houses in Costa Rica. Nice fella, thought I think are common interests probably end at motorcycles.

Made it to Sanata Fe. Watched the sunset from a beautiful Aspen Forrest above town by the ski area. We ate veggies from Nick’s farm and a homemade loaf of bread before retreating to the house for a feast. Beers were had as well.


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