Day 2: Rock Springs to Avon

Good day. Armes/shoulders were sore from the day before. Decided to take the direct route to Santa Fe, directly through CO. That meant I had to get on I 80 for an hour or two. Kinda underestimated that. 80 On a bike is no fun. My bike and I were bouncing all over the road from the wind, and the semis didn’t help my stability. People probably thought I was drunk.


Turned south, and finally got to Baggs, WY. I got lunch at a cafe filled with hunters. I was the only one sans camouflage and neck rolls. He coffee was plentiful and warm and the chicken fried steak sandwich tolerable. I don’t think there was a single thing on the menu without gravy added to it. Fox News was also on the tv, which was excellent. Apparently Mike Pence smoked Tom Kain in the debate. Wiped the floor with his face. No contest. At least, that’s the impression I got from Fox.

A lot of confederate flags in souther Wy, Northern CO. Damn hillbillies.

Saw a sign outside a church that said “hunt Pokemon here, find Jesus, too.”

I hit the road and had a pretty uneventful ride down to Avon, CO, where I met up with Jason Fish. We drove up into the hills and got cheap filet mignons at a restaurant his roomate worked at. Not bad for a couple young guys. I got to spend the night with him, and that was nice, as it snowed a couple inches that night.

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