The Journey Begins

After breakfast at Nora’s and a couple tough goodbyes, I hit the road in rain and snow. I was numb by mile 20 and primed to chip a nipple by mile 50. I pulled into Daniel Junction freezing cold and shivering. I thawed out and ate some tasty jalapeño poppers before putting on every layer I had. It was adequate, but really restricted my range of mobility. I stopped in Pinedale for some camouflage fleece pants. The next 1-2 hours to rock springs were dismal. I stopped at McDonald’s and found a place to stay for the night right down the road. The grizzled hunters smoking cigs outside of every room told me I had indeed found the budget option. It was nice and warm, albeit with funky sounds and a shower with blood red streaks in the otherwise white stone, making it look like it had been the scene of a chain saw massacre.


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