Wind River Range Ski Trip

With Ben. Big four day mission. Started Wednesday night after work. We drove down to Elkhart Park Trail Head and slept in the car, but not before stopping to pick up breakfast: donuts and Monsters!


We started at about 5:30 and made good time to Titcomb Basin, via Eklund Lake, Hobbs Lake, Seneca Lake, and Island Lake. Could easily skin across lakes and take most direct route.

At camp by early afternoon, just up from Island Lake. We put our tent right next to a large amount of exposed rock, which we could chill on and make food. It was really windy and we had to make a wind shelter, which took a long time but was really important. We eventually got everything good and we able to relax.

We got up at 5 to ski Garnett Peak, the highest point in Wyoming. The morning was cold as we made our way to Bonny Pass. Our way up to the pass was the hardest part if the day, as we used crampons and zig-zagged our way up. At the top we had a nice view of Garnett and all the exposure we would have to traverse above. Unfortunately the southeast couliour was a no go. We got to ski down to the bottom of Gooseneck Glacier and prepped for the final ascent, we skinned a fair amount of the way up, then booted, then back to skins before the summit cone. I was feeling super tired after the effort from the day before with heavy packs, and felt like I was barely staying ahead of the bonk. I ate everything I had pretty early, and drank all my water, only about 2 litres, as i decided to use one of my Nalgenes as a tent pee bottle. Traversing across the top was a little nerve racking, knowing there were 500 foot cliffs below me. We made it pretty easily and enjoyed a good half hour on the summit in perfect conditions. It was sunny, still, and warm. I dont think it is like that very often. We then skied down. It wasn’t very intense, just very enjoyable and rippable. I was super happy with my turns. It was pretty heavy down low, but the turns at the top were divine.


The way back was the worst. It was a long haul to the top of Bonny Pass, and another long haul down Titcomb Basin. My feet were super wet and uncomfortable. Ben whipped out a fishing line and tied it to his pole while we stopped to get water.


The next day we took a rest day. Pretty much did nothing but read. The day went by super fast.


The next day we got up at 5 and skied out. It was pretty frustrating as our packs were heavy, the snow was soft, and our skins got soaked immediately. I fell plenty of times. We made good time and got back to Jackson by early afternoon. It was a good mission.


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