Air Force And TNT

Did three Granite laps with Ben and Marchetti. First two in Air Force couloir. We had virgin turns both runs. Marchetti sloughed it out first thing yesterday but all the new snow since filled it in fresh for us today. It was nuking snow 1-2 inches an hour all day. The turns were so deep and never ending. One of the best pow days of my life. TNT was fun but didn’t have as good of snow as Air Force. It definitely slid or got sloughed out at some point. The second run was the best. We entered farther left and got up on the ridge skiers left about half way down and the turns were bottomless. Definitely times snow came up over the head and blinded you for a few seconds. The top ridge on skiers left is also fun. Such a sick day. Lots of Alan’s and Twea.  Marchetti said it was even better than yesterday. Nobody back there for first two runs, then people heard it was going off and started to poke around. So untouched and bottomless.


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